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Service and repair for Land Rovers and all other vehicles

Service and repair

We service and repair all vehicles

Redline Cars offers the same high standard of workmanship we give to Land Rovers, to all other makes of car. Computer diagnostics and a well equiped workshop mean that we can service or repair your car whether it is an Audi TT, a Bentley Turbo or a Seat Leon.


Typical service includes:

  • Change engine oil
  • Replace all oil and fuel filters
  • Check all engine fluids
  • Check brake pads and tyres
  • Test battery output
  • Run computer diagnostic system where applicable for fine tuning
  • General inspection

The products we use for servicing your vehicle have all been used many times in our own vehicles. We try to use the best oils, fluids, filters and other disposable parts that we can find while also giving the best value for money. You are welcome to request standard replacements or take the opportunity to improve performance by upgrading.

We know that if you are happy with our work you will come back to us the next time you need your vehicle maintained so we try to make that extra bit of effort to make you happy.


Accidental damage

It is usually an awful experience to be involved in a traffic accident, whether it is a minor scrape or a serious crash. The last thing you need is a long period without your car and a hefty bill. We will try to keep costs to a minimum while repairing your car to the standard you would expect from professionals and, wherever possible, we will lend you a replacement vehicle so you are not stuck without transport.

Wear and tear

All vehicles eventually wear out, some components sooner than others. If you have a breakdown, you can call us at any time. We will advise you as to what the best course of action would be, whether to bring the vehicle directly to our workshop or perhaps you need roadside help. We will always do our best to get you out of trouble.

Once the vehicle is at our workshop we can perform the diagnostics and repair or replace the worn or broken parts. We keep a large stock of new and used parts so we usually have what you need and will get you back on the road quickly, even if this means replacing an entire engine.

Interior repairs

We can also repair your much loved interior. This includes repairing your window tinting, though it may need replacing in some cases. We can repair or replace vinyl panels and we have a specialist leather interior repair facility. We can completely recondition the leather to look like new.

Air conditioning

We can recharge your vehicle's air conditioning unit within a few hours. We can also diagnose and repair or replace faulty air conditioning units. We have the recharging equipment at our workshop so that no third parties are involved and you get our friendly service.

For advice and an informal chat about your particular requirements, give us a call on the number above.

<p>Whatever vehicle you have, let us keep you on (or off) the road.</p><p>All types of service and repairs are taken care of and we can offer good advice on desert or overland preparation. </p>

Whatever vehicle you have, let us keep you on (or off) the road.

All types of service and repairs are taken care of and we can offer good advice on desert or overland preparation.

Series Land Rover - prepared for Desert Storm 2007 in Morocco

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